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living in two vans full-time

Afri, Kathy and our dog Muk

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With the idea of getting out of the daily routine, we decided at some point to move into a van. We gave away everything we had and concentrated on the essentials. Today, we live full-time in two vans and travel through Europe.

Much we have already seen, much we still want to see

Finding your way through

Plans are one thing, but being able to deal with all the setbacks is another. We have overcome many obstacles to be at a point today where we can say it works. Everything up to this point has been an adventure. With every hurdle we have overcome, we have learned to look forward to the next adventure.
We have had to learn to make mistakes and be open to new things in order to gain all these experiences. The most important experience was that nothing is impossible and things always work out somehow as long as you keep your courage.

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