leben als digitaler Nomade

Always on the move without a permanent home

As digital nomads who live, travel and work full-time in our vehicles, we are always on the move. Rarely do we stay in one place for longer, and although it sounds exciting at first, occasionally we wish we had a permanent home base.

It sounds exciting: Allways on the road! We have chosen it just so and would not want to exchange in any case. Nevertheless, as with all things in life, there are the beautiful moments and the less beautiful moments. This is about the less beautiful moments and the search for a small home base for the next weeks.

Unsere zwei Vans in Bulgarien hinter einer Düne am Schwarzen Meer

Right now we are standing in Bulgaria, only a few meters from the black sea and could enjoy the maybe last sunny days for this year. In the meantime, however, it is getting colder and rainier. I would not call us „good weather campers“, because we have so far (now almost three years) persevered in the most diverse weather conditions. Be it rain, snow, cold or heat, we are by no means squeamish. 

However, since Bulgaria is not Portugal and the temperatures here can definitely drop below freezing for extended periods of time, we need a Plan B. On top of that, we are currently a bit annoyed by a lot of wet sand in our vehicles and it also gets dark quite early. I know, all complaining on a high level and there could be far worse problems, but it is time to find a place for a short time, where you have this „I have arrived“ feeling. 

Last but not least, to be honest, we are just through. Not through with the lifestyle we live, but through with what the last two years have held in store for us in terms of permanent changes. At the same time, we have actually come quite well through the CoV time and have found fundamentally very many positive aspects, which actually only benefited us with limited travel.

We were able to visit the most beautiful places without tourist crowds. Since we travel very anti-cyclically, we often have beaches or actually well-visited places all to ourselves. However, at the beginning of the year we had 5 puppies traveling with us and spent the summer in Germany to settle some important things. Even at this we were always on the move and were never longer in one place.

This then results in the feeling and need of needing a short break from constant driving and traveling around. Right now I think this need is stronger with Kathy, but it definitely makes sense to just get sorted.

Vollzeitvanlife überwintert auf einem alternativen Campingplatz in Portugal Moncarapacho

So far, however, we have also handled it in the south-western countries in such a way that we have used November and December as a rule to come down a little. In the last two years we have always chosen a place in Portugal for the winter months with electricity and appropriate supply to be able to heat with electricity and create some comfort and coziness. 

So right now we are in Bulgaria looking for a place where we can do just that and stay until just before Christmas. After that it should go on. And so plan now, to Turkey?!

Fun fact on the side: Kathy was looking at AirBnB for accommodations. We wanted to find something that is not directly in the city and also reasonably suitable for three dogs. Clearly, there is virtually no accommodation in Bulgaria, which is available there. In the narrower selection, as of now, a mobile home with garden and one of the few campsites that are also open in winter. Let’s see what it will be in the end.

Frau steht am Karla See in Griechenland
campervans, am see, vollzeit vanlife, ausblick, reisen,
Eine Frau sitzt mit vier Hunden am Strand
Zwei Personen im Vanlife stehen auf einem Parkplatz
Frau und Mann schauen sich an

Das ist VollzeitVanlife

Es klingt zu schön um wahr zu sein. Als digitale Nomaden von unterwegs arbeiten und unabhängig reisen, wohin man will. Genau diesen Traum haben wir uns vor über drei Jahren erfüllt. Wie Vollzeit Vanlife aber wirklich ist, erfährst Du hier.

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