leben als digitaler Nomade

Introduction to VollzeitVanlife Part 1

In this short video you can get a quick impression of who we are and what exactly we do. We travel through Europe with two vans and three dogs. We work remotely as digital nomads. If you want to know more details about us, check out the second part of our introduction.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments. I regularly take the time to answer everything.


Afri: Hello, welcome to Afri and VollzeitVanlife, the channel on Youtube. Maybe you know me from Twitch before or from Instagram ,so if you found here from one of these channels you might ask why I’m doing content in English? There’s only one reason, because in the last three years we met a lot of people on the road and so we decided to just do our content in English that we can stay connected. Stay connected yo… So to introduce ourselves a little bit i will show you my neighbor.

Afri: Can you tell who we are? 

Kathy: We are two persons, a man, a woman and three dogs behind us. Three dogs. And we are traveling since three years. We are working remote and living remote, we have two vans and we are very happy persons. 

Afri: Good we are really happy persons because we are traveling three years on the road through Europe, having three dogs which at some point is a real challenge so we are traveling with two vans, what makes our vanlife a little bit more stressless. You know if you’re living 24 hours together in one camper van it could be a little bit stressy. 

So we are neighbors and we are traveling as neighbors and we are living as neighbors and we always traveling together. So this is how how we act together. So for the future, for this channel what we plan to do is, we want to show you some beautiful places we are, but this is not the main part of our blog our blog main part should be to transport the information how to get out of this rat race, you know. 

So if you are feeling like you are in a rat race or you are in an environment, social or work like that you don’t like. Maybe you can get some inspiration on this channel. If you would like to have some inspiration and if you would like to meet some new people on Youtube that don’t do the ordinary vlog-stuff that you can see all around then you are maybe right on our channel. I would love to see you in the next video have a good time and we will introduce ourselves in more detail on this future videos.

Frau steht am Karla See in Griechenland
campervans, am see, vollzeit vanlife, ausblick, reisen,
Eine Frau sitzt mit vier Hunden am Strand
Zwei Personen im Vanlife stehen auf einem Parkplatz
Frau und Mann schauen sich an

Das ist VollzeitVanlife

Es klingt zu schön um wahr zu sein. Als digitale Nomaden von unterwegs arbeiten und unabhängig reisen, wohin man will. Genau diesen Traum haben wir uns vor über drei Jahren erfüllt. Wie Vollzeit Vanlife aber wirklich ist, erfährst Du hier.

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