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Introduction to VollzeitVanlife Part 2

This is the second part of introduction to our fulltime vanlife. In this video we show you, how we started to move into a van and how we came to the decision to live fulltime on the road.

While we faced a lot of challenges to get to the point to give up on our flats, we are now traveling through Europe for atleast three years. So we made our way to Bulgaria, where we stayed for for last winter. Now we try to figure out where to go next.

I hope you will enjoy our new introductionvideo and feel free to follow my channel on youtube.


Hello, Dobŭr den and welcome to Bulgaria. The second introduction video of VollzeitVanlife. And in this video I will show you how we started our life and how we build up our full-time vanlife. In the first Step while I was starting, I did a lot of the twitch livestreams.

At some point I decided to do was too much time with the computer sitting in my flat. And at that point, I decided to get a small van, it was a service car from unitymedia.

I could build up as a DIY to small campervan. Really simple, but it was perfect for my needs. I started traveling around Europe, especially
short-term traveling like 2 weeks on the road. After I quit my studies, I started working in an office so it was experiment to combine traveling and working, and I also tried to livestream from on the road, which I did in Portugal, for example.

After some shorter travels, we decided to travel to the North Cape in winter time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Everyone told us it would not be possible because it’s really cold up there and we are already at -19 degrees on our journey, but we made it out.

We didn’t freeze to death and saw the north North Cape. After that trip, we decided to move together in a flat and we tried to find a suitable flat that fitted our needs, and it was not that easy to find such a flat. Because most of them, were really expensive.

And dogs were not allowed in most times. And it was always, like, you are trying to get a flat, where a lot of people applying for the flat. So at some point, when we were frustrated, we decided to just get a van and move into that van and live in that. Well though, this was the first decision when we thought about living full-time in a car. So, at some point, we realized that a lot of things worked well with our idea of VollzeitVanlife or full-time vanlife but at some point it was a little bit difficult to get it combined with our workplaces.

So in my case, I was prepared and I still was working from home and traveling. It was possible for me, but for Kathy it was not that easy. I’m sure she had to figure out how to combine it in a proper way with her work.


So what I realized when I was doing the second video is to express your feelings. If you’re not in an environment with friends and just drinking and having fun to express your feelings in English, it’s really not that simple because you have to say a lot of things that at some point emotional, or you have to go really into detail, which is much more easy if you’re not doing the video for YouTube.

In the first step was like, wouldn’t it be nice to have a videos in English language? Because it’s much more easy to reach out to all the people you meet on the road.

But actually we have to practice a lot because to do a YouTube video, it’s challenging if you don’t feel that good today and you want to do a video and then if you have to do it in English language, then it’s much more complicated. But I wanted the challenge for me.

On the one hand to to practice my English on the other hand, to have a more challenging thing with a YouTube video.

So the conclusion of this videos should be that we figured out that a lot of things are possible, even if people tell you it’s not possible. You just have to try it and if you fail, you stand up and try again and you learn from from your fails.

So in this sence, I hope you enjoyed our little journey into the past that you know, where are we coming from.

And for the next video we will show you something we are doing right now and we hope you will join our future videos.

Bye bye.

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Willkommen bei VollzeitVanlife

Es klingt zu schön um wahr zu sein. Als digitaler Nomade von unterwegs arbeiten und unabhängig reisen, wohin man will. Genau diesen Traum habe ich vor über drei Jahren verwirklicht.

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