ultrasound that shows the offspring for Vollzeitvanlife



Often comes unexpectedly, or how do they say? We have received offspring for Vollzeitvanlife. And now we sit with 7 sweet puppies in southern Europe on a campsite.

Puppies suckling at motherdog

I think we had not taken it quite seriously when the male dog from the neighboring village came to visit. First I had brought him back home, but in no time he was again in front of our camper. One moment not paying attention and it had happened. Somewhat naively, we hoped for a few more weeks that it might not have worked. Until Muk finally changed more and more and the ultrasound at the vet gave certainty.

According to the diagnosis, there should be 5 puppies. Two had obviously hidden in the picture. Therefore, the surprise was also great, when during the throwing suddenly still 2 puppies came behind, with which we had absolutely not expected.

Now we are just 10 with offspring in full-time vanlife and make the best of it. We had briefly considered whether we should have Muk spayed before. But when it was already clear that the puppies and the body of our bitch had developed accordingly far, it was no longer an option for us. Even if it would have been technically probably little problematic. The well-being of the dog, who can not decide for himself, is for us in the first place.

So now we experience what it means to have little puppies. Also for Muk it is a big challenge, but she masters it great. While Muk with her almost 2 years was actually still very playful and sometimes quite temperamental, she is now learning to take responsibility. It is incredibly exciting to see how nature and natural instinct regulates everything. She mothers her little ones, keeps them nice and clean and even if she is sometimes annoyed and would like to spend more time with us again, the little ones come first with her.


The puppies were thrown by Muk in her favorite corner in our sprinter. When something slipped out of her that moved she was quite frightened and seemed to be in real pain until the second puppy. The next 5 puppies went almost completely silent and without fuss. From the 3rd puppy on she obviously understood what the little worms were all about.

At first we had considered leaving Muk with her little ones in the sprinter in the favorite corner. But already the next day it turned out that it was absolutely not practicable. For one thing, Kathy always had to step over the square with the puppies to get into bed. The smell of 7 puppies with a mother dog is, as it now turned out, just as intense and you would hate to have it in such a small space. Add to that the fact that Kathy works out of the van during the day. With small squealing and hungry puppies, talking on the phone is almost impossible.

Without further ado, we came up with an alternative the next day.

offspring for vollzeitvanlife with a heater in a tent

The front tent what we had bought last year at Decathlon for our Sprinter, of course, continues to travel with. We had it actually as a lounge tent between both vans stand and eaten and cooked in it. Now it was simply converted into a children’s room and fulfills its purpose really impeccable. When the sun is shining, you can open it to different sides and let it ventilate quite easily. Even if the tent always has a pleasant temperature, we still have our heater for the nights with reingetgestellt. And a chain of lights also provides light at night when you have to look after the puppies. Besides a cozy corner for the puppies and Muk, where they can lie and crawl undisturbed, the tent floor is super easy to clean. So the little ones and our bitch have enough space and peace without anyone climbing over them or disturbing them in any other way. We are so far really super happy with this solution and very excited to see how the tent will hold up when our offspring finally becomes a bit more mobile and actively begins to discover the world around him.

two puppies cuddling
puppies of vollzeitvanlife

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