Digital nomads The story of our road trip over Christmas and New Year's Eve to the northernmost point on mainland Europe To the north cape in winter Digital nomads We converted a Mercedes Sprinter into a camper to live and travel in Campervan conversion DIY Digital nomads Since 2019 we live full time in a camper and travel across Europe Travelling through Europe
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Digital Nomads

"Everyone said it couldn't be done. Then someone came along who didn't know and just did it."

Non, je ne regrette rien

Vollzeitvanlife! How to become a digital nomad?

For everyone, the personal dream of freedom means something different. The people you meet on your travels are just as different. Hardly any van or personal concept of life is the same as another.
However, all these people have something in common. They had an idea of a way of life that was far from the mainstream. All these people have pursued this idea persistently, never allowing themselves to be distracted and accepting all adversities in order to realise their personal dream of van life at some point. Every setback, as well as every success, is an experience. You should never regret any of it.


Everything begins with the first step

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