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Freistehen am Tundja River

Welcome to the second location rating. This rating is more of an update, as the location shown was already featured as a point of interest in our first video at Lake Zhrebchevo.

We are located at Roman Bridge. As mentioned in the first video, it is only about 10-15 minutes away from the first site. Thus, there is only a small update, since the criteria such as shopping facilities and fresh water source, as well as the possibility of visiting the donkey museum and the possibility of going out to eat are, of course, the same. We went to this place primarily because it is located directly on the Tundja River and we wanted to do some fishing.

For the anglers among you, you can easily buy a card in Bulgaria as a tourist in a fishing store or the responsible hunting and fishing office. The cost for half a year is about 15 leva and the presentation of an ID or passport is enough.

Like our first place, this one is super suitable for dogs. However, this place is very popular with local fishermen, especially from June, so you should adapt accordingly.A highlight is definitely the nature around this place, which simply invites you to discover the surroundings on foot with your four-legged friend.

However, it is important to note that it can get very warm, especially in the summer months, and unfortunately the place does not offer any shade. Nevertheless, it is in any case recommended for one or two nights and the exploration of the surroundings.

If you should visit this place on your travels, I would be pleased about a comment and your personal experience. If you liked this short update, feel free to leave a thumbs up and for more place reviews don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.

You can find this place on Park4Night.

Have a great trip


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Es klingt zu schön um wahr zu sein. Als digitaler Nomade von unterwegs arbeiten und unabhängig reisen, wohin man will. Genau diesen Traum habe ich vor über drei Jahren verwirklicht.

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